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Hi, I’m Phil.

I run ‘Marry Me Gorgeous’, which is a play on my surname, but also how I want your day to feel for you both – gorgeous.

My approach is about ensuring the ceremony is relaxed, fresh, fun, elegant, sexy, salubrious, a little cheeky and absolutelygorgeous.

My strategy to making your wedding amazing is:

– A tailored fit – like a suit, a wedding ceremony needs to fit the couple perfectly. It needs to be tailored to your needs, not a robotic approach to getting the legal process done.

– Having some fun with it – we’ve all been to an awkward, rigid ceremony with no zest. This is a special day and will be remembered for being full of love and laughter.

– Participation – yes, grooms, the more you’re involved in the ceremony, the better it is! Similarly, if you would like to have special family members or friends involved in the process it can add to the enjoyment of the day for everyone.

– Suitably paced – Let’s enjoy the moment and take and little or as much time as you like.

– Keeping the bridal party relaxed – what I take pride in.



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